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While we wait for the Johnny Depp – Amber Heard Verdict

Here are 50 things you didn’t know about Johnny Depp

1. Johnny Depp was born on June 9, 1963, in Owensboro, Kentucky.

2. Depp is the youngest of four children.

3. Depp’s parents divorced when he was 15.

4. Depp’s mother died from cancer when he was just 17.

5. Depp dropped out of school at age 16.

6. Depp’s first movie role was in the horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984).

7. Depp gained mainstream attention for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

8. Depp has won a Golden Globe and been nominated for three Academy Awards.

9. Depp is a father to two children – Lily-Rose Melody Depp and John Christopher Depp III.

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10. Depp is a dog lover and has several dogs of his own, including a Yorkshire Terrier named Pistol and a German Shepherd named Boo.

11. Depp is a self-taught guitar player and singer.

12. Depp is a fan of the rock band The Doors and has played guitar on two of their albums.

13. Depp is a self-proclaimed “screw-up” and has battled an addiction to alcohol and drugs in the past.

14. Depp is a supporter of various charities, including the Children’s Hospice and Entertainment Industry Foundation.

15. Depp has a net worth of $400 million.

16. Depp’s favorite word is “stuff.”

17. Depp once said, “My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.”

18. Depp’s favorite color is blue.

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19. Depp’s favorite movies include The Goonies, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.

20. Depp is a fan of classic rock and blues music.

21. Depp has homes in Los Angeles, Paris, and the Bahamas.

22. Depp is a private person and does not enjoy doing interviews or attending red carpet events.

23. Depp once said, “I think normal is overrated.”

24. Depp is a collector of rare guitars, art, and books.

25. Depp once said, “My great love in life is cinema.”

26. Depp is ambidextrous and can write with both hands.

27. Depp is a big fan of tattoos and has over 60 tattoos, many of which are dedicated to his loved ones.

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28. Depp is a vegan.

29. Depp was once quoted as saying, “I’m not a very good actor. I’m OK. I’m not great.”

30. Depp is a great admirer of Marlon Brando and considers him to be one of his biggest influences as an actor.

31. Depp’s characters are often quirky and offbeat.

32. Depp often collaborates with director Tim Burton.

33. Depp is the founder of the production company Infinitum Nihil.

34. Depp was once arrested for brawling with paparazzi.

35. Depp has been married twice – to Lori Anne Allison (1983-1985) and to Amber Heard (2015-2016).

36. Depp is a fan of cigars and has his own line of cigars called “Johhny Depp’s Black Pearl.”

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37. Depp once said, “I’m not necessarily Mr. Hollywood. I’m just an actor doing my job.”

38. Depp’s favorite authors include Hunter S. Thompson and J.D. Salinger.

39. Depp named his daughter Lily-Rose after his mother, who died when Depp was just 17.

40. Depp’s father, John Christopher Depp, was a civil engineer.

41. Depp is a supporter of the Democratic Party.

42. Depp was once quoted as saying, “I’m not just a guy who disappears into a role – I’m actually quite boring.”

43. Depp’s first car was a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro.

44. Depp’s hobbies include painting and cooking.

45. Depp is a huge fan of the NFL and supports the Miami Dolphins.

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46. Depp is a Method actor and often spends long periods of time preparing for his roles.

47. Depp’s favorite type of food is Mexican.

48. Depp is a recovering alcoholic and has been sober since 2003.

49. Depp’s full name is John Christopher Depp II.

50. Depp once said, “My whole life, I have wanted to be a pirate.”

Who is Johnny Depp?

Johnny Depp is an American actor. He is known for his portrayals of eccentric characters in films including “Edward Scissorhands”, “Sleepy Hollow”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”, “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” and “Finding Neverland”.

Depp was born in Owensboro, Kentucky, the youngest of four children of Betty Sue Palmer (née Wells), a waitress, and John Christopher Depp, a civil engineer. He has English, Irish, Scottish, German, and French ancestry. Depp was raised in Florida. He dropped out of school at age 15 to become a rock musician. He has been married to actress Amber Heard since 2015.

Depp’s first movie role was in the horror film “A Nightmare on Elm Street” (1984). He later appeared in the 1985 comedy “Private Resort” and had a role in the 1987 film “Platoon”. He appeared in the hit TV series “21 Jump Street” (1987–1991) and starred in the film “Cry-Baby” (1990). In 1991, he starred in the movie “Edward Scissorhands” and received critical acclaim.

Depp has played many characters in movies that are considered “eccentric”. For example, in the movie “Sleepy Hollow”, he played the role of Ichabod Crane, who is a detective that is very interested in the supernatural. In the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, Depp played the role of Willy Wonka, who is the owner of a chocolate factory and is very strange. Finally, in the movie “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street”, Depp played the role of Sweeney Todd, who is a barber that kills his customers.

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