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Party Nail Art Designs To Add Glamour To Your Party Outfit

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Who doesn’t like partying and showing off their sexy party nail art designs? Hanging out with friends, sharing stories, and creating memories, is something we all want to do at times. And of course, along with this, are the iconic outfits. We want to be ready for any occasion. We want our attire to be unique and, at the same time, fit the party theme. Aside from our outfits, the same goes for our nails. We want to make sure that they are ready for any event.

Seeing as you stumbled upon this article, we assume that you have been looking for some nail inspirations to bring to the event. There are plenty of beautiful designs out there, so we understand that it might be hard to choose. But, lucky for you, we have narrowed down our list to the five best party nails arts you can wear for any gathering.

#1 Cheetah print nails

cheetah nail art
Sample: Cheetah nail print

Starting off our list with a solid design would be cheetah print nails. Are you searching for animal-themed nails to bring to the party? Well, then these cheetah print nails have got your back. This cute and wild design fits right into the event. Each print is unique and not the same, which makes it all the more unpredictable.

These nails are not afraid to party with you, which makes it number one on our list. Another plus is that this pairs perfectly with some cheetah-themed clothes if that is what you are planning on wearing to the event.

#2 Neon nails

neon nail art

Are you looking for nails to brighten things up? Well, then these neon nails are sure to light up your night. If you are planning on getting lost on the dance floor, these nails are not afraid to get lost with you. This is the ideal design for those who plan to party till you drop.

If light-up nails are more of your style, then you should consider bringing this to the party. They are more than capable of blending in and standing out at the same time. If you think this nail art reflects your persona, this is an undeniable indicator that you should obtain these adorable nails. They exude joy and are not hesitant to take center stage, a perfect companion to bring to the dance floor.

#3 Purple with gold accent nails

purple and gold part nail art
Sample: Purple and gold

purple with gold accents😍😍 >>> #polishmepretty #nails #WidenTheScreen #viral #nailinspo #armenian #fyp #foryou ♬ Bubblegumbitch – Jalapeño

Not all nail art you bring to the party would have to be wild. They can also be elegant and simple. If what we are describing is more of your style, then you should opt for some purple with gold accent nails. Anything with gold accents, really. They are the key to making you look as sophisticated as possible.

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You can also add your twist to this and switch up the colors to fit it more with your personality. Some examples of other shades that fit in with gold accents would be a black base, navy blue, etc.

#4 Zebra nails

Sample: Zebra nails

Are you looking for something similar to the cheetah print nails? Well, we have another suggestion for you. A variation of the cheetah print nails would be some zebra nails. They both follow the animal theme, and they also exude uniqueness with each unique and unpredictable print that they leave.

If a more neutral-colored style is what you are looking for, then these zebra nails are the better fit for you. While they are more than capable of screaming the word party with its design, they can also blend in if you want something more fun and casual. With these nails, you can match any outfit you desire and still have that party theme style at the tips of your fingers.

#5 Confetti nails

What else screams a party other than some confetti? If you want to incorporate some unique jewels into your nail’s look, we suggest getting some confetti nails. Aside from diamonds and some other cute little bling, confetti’s are another variation that you should possibly consider.

Not only that, but who doesn’t love having some mini rainbows on their cuticles? If these nails don’t scream party, we don’t know what else does. With the cute, differently sized circles and a variety of colors, each design on your nail would be as unique as it can be.


Of course, before going to the party, we all want to be prepared when it comes to our fits. Thus, it makes sense that you are looking for designs that perfectly fit the occasion. While there are many unique designs out there, our carefully crafted list provides you with more than enough options that are bound to get the party started.

The party does not end in your attire. We know that the actual part ends at the tip of your fingers. Thus, we must make sure that you have the one-of-a-kind party nails. From cheetah print nails down to nails with gold accents and confetti, these designs are sure to complete moments like these.

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