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Private Jet Travel From P to J

To travel by air, there are basically two options to choose. You can either choose to fly in a commercial plane or in a private jet. From the assessment of a commercial plane, first class is the most comfortable, but guess what! Traveling by private jet provides more comfort.

Eric Roth, the president of international Jet interiors told Business Insider that traditional commercial flying is an affordable service for the masses. However, flying on a private jet is a very different world. In fact, flying in a private jet today is seen as a hallmark of luxury and wealth since it’s mostly used by those who are well to do such as the billionaires, C.E.Os, celebrities and world leaders.

In his statements, he said “the major variation between commercial and private jet are the privacy, productivity, comfort, luxury and convenience gotten”. This is because, when you’re flying on private jet, you are the one that will determine when to leave, dictate your schedule, and not the airlines. Whether you need Chinese food for your flight from Teterboro to Van Nuts, or you like to change your plans, and reroute to another location, you are the master of everything. You only need to specify and it will be done.

Roth further emphasized that, time is known as one commodity that even money cannot buy, however, a private jet is the best way to buy time. This is because when you’re flying in a private jet, you can visit three different cities for meetings and still be able to return home even at decent hours.

Frankly speaking, it’s not a cause for debate that flying in a pirate jet offers a lot of benefits that can’t be gotten when flying commercially. Is it the greater route you want to talk about or its flexibility, coupled with the convenience to travel at any time you so desire. Not to talk of the various kinds of amenities that will be made readily available.

Now you know there are lots to enjoy, however for a better understanding I need to expatiate on the benefits available in traveling in a private jet.

1. Your details are taken care of.

The number one rated advantage for flying on a private jet is that every necessary thing will be sorted. The jet companies are the one to perform the function of assessing your travel need and help you pick the best fit jet for your journey. They are saddled with the responsibility of outlining your flight plan in your stead and make sure the jet is accommodative enough for the number of passengers and their baggage.

2. Arriving your destination faster

When traveling on a private jet, the time wasted in fighting the long check-in lines and airport securities are eliminated. When flying by private jet charter, you won’t have to be in the air for long compared to the commercial ones, because you stand the chance of taking a more direct route. Though some jets fly at the same speed with the commercial planes, but the likes of Citation X can fly faster than any commercial planes.

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3. Airport advantages

As earlier mentioned, flying out of a private airport does not require any long check-in lines that may cause delay. In private airport, you can just show up 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time for the jet departure. This is to create time for checking in your luggage and for you to board the plane. If you like, you can take a ramp access advantage i.e. you will step out of your car close the plane and then board it. As your car will be parked for you, your luggage too will be stored and the moment you’re on board, the plane is ready to take off.

4. A more comfortable setting

Seats on a private jet are known to be leather recliners, which makes it possible for you and your passengers to sit back and relax. It should be noted that you need to inform the jet company you’re working things with, about any special request you may have so that the suitable jet can be chosen for you. This is because, the configuration of seating in a private jet can be customized, therefore, if you will be sleeping for the period of your journey, you will need to fly in a jet that have deep-recline seating. In fact, some jets have seats that turn into beds to ensure more comfort. Further special requests may include a lounge area, and bathrooms that have showering amenities.

5. Bring whatever you want

In a commercial plane, there are restrictions on the kind of baggage you can come with. But in a private jet, the reverse is the case, for you have nothing to worry about. There is neither restriction nor baggage limit, as much as the baggage can fit; you’re free to come with it without having to pay extra baggage fees.

6. Making extra stop

When traveling in a private jet, it is very possible to make one or more stops before your final destination. More so, the private jets can alight at any private airport. Therefore, there is an increase in the number of chances and choices you will have to stop-by before getting to your destination compared to when flying in a commercial plane. For instance, your flight can be customized such that if you’re traveling from New York City to San Francisco you can decide to stop-by in Atlanta and Houston.

7. Food and drink options

When flying in a private jet, there are more menu options to choose from. As a matter of fact, you can state that you want a customized menu to suit your taste. All you need to do is specify what you want and you will be well served. It’s even possible to get food catered from local restaurants on board.

Peradventure you are contemplating between flying commercially or by private jet before, or you don’t know how it feels to travel in a private jet, you now see that there are many advantages associated with flying privately than commercially. Therefore, go for what you want as you would enjoy the choice.

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