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The Airbus private jet interior for A330neo and A350 XWB airliners

Airbus is described as a global reference when talking about aerospace sector. They are saddled with the responsibilities of designing, manufacturing and also delivering industry-leading commercial aircrafts, when it comes to military transports they are capable, not only that, they also supply helicopters, satellite and launch vehicles. Additionally, they also provide data services, secure communications, urban mobility and any other solutions for their customers on a global scale.

In shaping the future of air travel, airbus family presented an airspace cabin brand that showcase the recent technology. In this article we will be discussing the a330neo and a350XWB airliners under some subcategory.

A330neo: A true new generation aircraft

The A330neo is described as the best in its class because it integrates the latest developments from the A350 XWB and A380 Families. This makes it to be ahead of its competitor. This aircraft is a highly-innovative one that delivers superior quality and efficiency. More so, being a member of the airbus family of wide-body jetliners, it stand to enjoy a continuous investment that is over 150 million euro yearly.

This aircraft is designed with an advanced high-span wings that vastly improves the aerodynamics and is powered with high-bypass ratio, new generation engines. In addition, titanium pylon and composite nacelle are the new materials that was used across its wing. These features put together make it possible for this aircraft to have the lowest seat-miler cost of any mid-size wide-body and also burn lesser fuel than the previous generation competitors with about 25%.

The back view of an Airbus A330 Family aircraft flying above the clouds


Everybody that flies in an A330neo stand to enjoy an extra personal space, because aside from the Airspace cabin, it has 10 extra seats that create most comfortable cabin for passengers and crew. All thanks to this wide-body cabin and the 18-inch-wide seats.

With the personalized in-flight entertainment options, passengers have an array of choices and full cabin connectivity that make room for them to stay in touch with the world below them, whether to catch up with an important emails or just to be updated on the social media platform. The A330neo being the new model for Airbus’ new customizable airspace cabin interiors, gives passengers a distinct and welcoming experience. Ranging from the patterned ceiling light panels to  the countless colour-bursting LED mood effects, just to mention but a few.

In addition, the Airbus’ innovation does not only provide comfort for the passengers, but also designed in such a way that the cabin crew can as well enjoy their work in an environment that has been optimized to ensure efficiency. For instance, there is provision made for the crews to rest during flight to ensure that the staff are refreshed, as well as a state-of-the-art galleys that make it easy for preparation and service of in-flight meals. With all these, it becomes possible and easy to care for  the passenger.

Popular and profitable

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The A330neo (an highly-efficient and versatile aircraft) has the ability to fly routes from 20mins to over 17 hours with the most frequencies of any wide-body. In comparison with other categories of wide-body that we have, this aircraft being an Airbus’ entry-level wide-body, offers the lowest risk financially coupled with the lowest seat mile cost. This can be described to be a compliment of A350XWB, because it offers the same experience to passengers. More so, pilots can fly both aircraft interchangeably based on the fact that they have a common type rating with an Operational Reliability of 99.5%.

A350 XWB: The most recent and efficient aircraft

Counting from the commercial service entry in the year 2015, operators and passengers of A350 XWB all over the world have no doubt tasted the unbeatable experience and comfort provided by this world’s most modern wide body family together with the long-range leader. This aircraft, by design offered unmatched flexibility and efficiency for all market segments up to ultra-long haul (9,700nm). When talking about having an exclusive experience, this aircraft stand out, in the sense that its “Airspace by Airbus” cabin is the most quiet among any twin-aisle thereby offering passenger and crew the most modern in-flight services.

A natural revolution in design

Just as nature can be described as the most perfect design, Airbus took their inspiration from here when designing and improving upon its aircraft. So the A350 XWB (the newest of the company’s wide-body family) can be described as a good illustration of this inspirational blend in science and nature. It has a revolutionary adaptive wing design (that was inspired by birds) which morphs (changes shape) while airborne to achieve maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

With passengers and airlines in mind, the A350XWB was built with over 70% of advanced materials which entails carbon composites that make 53%, together with thallium and modern aluminum alloys. This makes it possible for it to be light and more cost-effective as well as reducing maintenance requirements.

When compared to the prior generation of aircraft, these advantages bring about 25% lower operating costs, fuel burn and CO2 emissions which express Airbus’ commitment of protecting the environment while still remaining at the cutting edge of air travel.

Airspace, a new standard of comfort

The design of this aircraft gives a feeling of spaciousness anywhere you view, coupled with wider seats, high ceilings and an enticing ambient lighting. In short, Airbus has made available a perfect environment through which one can enjoy his or her flight to any length. With its advanced technology, it has the ability to deliver the highest possible air quality as well as an optimised cabin altitude of 6,000 ft. It also provides temperature and humidity with the air being renewed every 2 to 3 minutes. Consequently, passengers can relax their nerves with the consciousness that Airbus has thought of everything to guarantee that they will definitely arrive feeling fresh.

Conclusively, with the latest-generation in-flight experience provided, as well as the integrated connectivity which makes it possible for passengers to keep in touch with the world, long journeys will certainly pass quickly. Also, the smart galleys and the comfortable crew rest areas create a pleasant working environment that in turn makes it easier to take proper care  of the passengers.

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