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Net Worth


Among different popular athletes, Kobe Bryant happens to be a great icon in the history of basketball. Therefore, we believed tons of fans would desire to read through this article to know much more about this deceased star.

Kobe in a basketball session | Photo Credit: Getty images

Now let’s look into a little of his biography in order to enhance  more familiarity.

Kobe Bryant a renowned basketballer was born in August 23, 1978, and lived till January 26, 2020, meaning he was only 41 years old before passing on. He acquired a net worth of $600 million which acclaims a yearly salary of $25 million. Kobe was a very tall man measuring up to 6 ft and 5 inches or 1.98 m. He took on basketball as his major profession. His nationality is accorded to the United States of America.

At this junction, let’s feed befitting answers to your ultimate question: How much is the net worth of Kobe Bryant?

Kobe Bryant who was an American basketball player amassed a net worth estimated as $600 million as of 2020 regarding update till when he died.It was a tragedy to have lost Kobe Bryant on Jan. 26, 2020 through the much spoken of a helicopter crash. Notably, Kobe Bryant has been accoladed for being a 5X NBA Champion, a 2X NBA Finals Champion, and an 18X NBA All-Star in his lifetime.

Early Life

Kobe Bryant was particularly born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Kobe Bryant seemingly took after his father Joe Bryant who formerly played for the Philadelphia 76ers. Kobe’s parents actually gave him his today’s popular name after “the famous beef of Kobe, Japan” and they happened to have seen this on a restaurant’s menu. Joe retired when Kobe was just 6 years old and leaving behind the NBA, he moved his family to continue life in Italy.  There Joe continued to play as part of a European league. Yet, Kobe often travels to US during summers while he was a pre-teen in order to take part in basketball leagues at those times. But when Joe finally retired from playing he then moved his family back to Philadelphia and there Kobe attended Lower Merion High School.

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While in high school, Kobe played basketball excellently and he was awarded the National player of the year of Gatorade’s Men as well as All-U.S.A. first-team player. Years later, Kobe proceeded to the pros being the youngest player known who was drafted into the National Basketball Association.

Initially, Kobe was enrolled by the Hornets after which he was immediately traded in a deal to the Lakers. Kobe’s first rookie contract with the NBA was worth $3.5 million for a 3-year deal.

Kobe Bryant’s Career and Earnings

In the course of Kobe’s NBA career with the Lakers in Los Angeles, he earned more than $320 million in terms of salary alone. In 2010 he signed a $90 million contract for a 3-year extension, and similarly, he signed a $48.5 million contract for a 2-year extension in 2013.

His endorsements in his NBA career earned him an estimate of $350 million and a total sum of $680 million all through. Kobe Bryant earned $25 million in the final year he had with the NBA. Many of the notable endorsements of Kobe include Sprite, Nike, Lenovo, Panini, Hublot, and so on. He even signed some endorsement deals with Chinese companies like, Alibaba and Mercedes Benz, due to his popularity.

In the first years of Kobe’s career, he signed a contract worth $48 million lasting for six years.

All almost gone bad in 2003, when Kobe had lots of his endorsement deals canceled by the associated companies as regards a spring up of allegations for sexual assault. But Nike remained an exception, and that same year a four-year deal of worth $10 million yearly pay was signed with Kobe. In the same manner, other endorsement deals came back in full force after some time.

BodyArmour Investment

Kobe bought a 10 percent equity stake in 2014 as an investment in sports drink BodyArmour costing $6 million. Interestingly, in 2018 the company made a $400 million revenue.  Coca Cola later bought a stake in BodyArmour which was believed to have helped the company worth $2 billion all together. This consequently catapulted the $6 million investment of Kobe to a worth of $200 million on paper, prior to the deduction of taxes.

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 More on Kobe Bryant’s Net Worth

Kobereportedly signed a 3-year contract worth $3.5 million with the Lakers upon his enrollment. By the 3rd year of Kobe’s deal with the Lakers, he was able to hit his main stride in basketball. At that time, he do start every game and they began to compare him to icons like Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan. That third year likewise got him a contract of $70 million for a 6 -year extension.

Bryant-Stibel Company

Kobe Bryant entered a partnership with Jeff Stibel to jointly launch Bryant-Stibel, a venture capital company funded with $100 million. As we discovered, the fund was invested into technology, data and media companies. There are many more companies in which Kobe and Jeff invested their money and they include LegalZoom, The Players Tribune: a sports media website, Juicero, and a video game designer.

Personal Life

Kobe and  Vanessa Lainecrossed path in Nov. 1999, at that time she was just at age 17. Their fortunate meeting was at the time she still works as an inconspicuous dancer for a particular music video. At that same time, Kobe happened to be in the studio, doing some works on his debut musical album. Within 6 months from the time they first met was when they engaged. Particularly, on April 18, 2001 was when they both married in Dana Point, California. Though Bryant’s both parents didn’t come for the marriage being that they weren’t in support of the two’s relationship.

They gave birth to total of four daughters namely Natalia Diamante Bryant, Gianna Maria-OnoreBryant, Bianka and Capri Bryant.

It was reported that Vanessa Bryant went to file a divorce against his husband on Dec. 16, 2011 despite they have been married for 10.5 years. Being that the couple didn’t had a prenuptial agreement,his belongings remained intact otherwise the divorce would have cost him a settlement charge of $100 to150 million. Thankfully, they later reconciled.

Demise of Kobe Bryant

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Sadly, the news of Kobe Bryant’s death in a helicopter crash caught the public with shocking effect. This happened on Jan. 26, 2020 while Kobe Bryant’s 13-year old daughter called Gianna, and 8 other persons died in the process as well.

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