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Net Worth


It will be great getting you informed by this writing piece about how thus far the current president of America has come in terms of his financial value.

Let’s get on!

The net worth of Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States of America, is seemingly quite unknown to the public or would say not sharply ascertained. Although, numerous news organizations have attempted to estimate Trump’s wealth, including Forbes, which put it at about US $3.1 billion as at 1st of March, 2020.

Date back to the 2016 presidential election, the supposed net worth of Donald Trump was the trending headline in the media. Trump actually claimed an income of $557 million, and a net worth proportional to $10 billion. Although that sum has never been verified and Trump has not established it through any evidence.

The Federal Election Commission Disclosures

As at the month of May 2016, Trump released his Personal Financial Disclosure (PFD) form to the Federal Election Commission. The record shows that;

He has assets worth at least $1.4 billion, including several golf courses and real estate properties valued at more than $50 million. It was also recorded that over $300 million is being realized from the golf courses and resorts.

In the same vein, more than $100 million is being generated as income from his property. He realized an interval of $25 million to $50 million parked in BlackRock’s Obsidian fund. And also a minimum of $250 million in liabilities on Trump’s Tower, at 40 Wall Street, Trump’s National Doral and Trump’s Old Post Office.

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External sources who are not Donald Trump claimed that his net worth is far lower than $10 billion which he has claimed. When the average of the three best estimates from external sources (Forbes, Fortune and Bloomberg) are taken into consideration, the result is nearer to $3.5 billion. Below are the estimations made by the three external sources as regards the net worth of President Donald Trump.

Forbes Estimation

Forbes, the finance magazine that dutifully obsesses over the ranking and net worth of the richest people in the world, has rated Donald Trump’s net worth lower by $1 billion due to the changes in the market, caused by the coronavirus pandemic that affected some amount from his property empire. Prior to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, which has disrupted most things now, the worth of these properties were estimated to be about $1.9 billion after debts has been deducted. By March 18, 2020, it went down to an estimate of $1.2 billion.

As at April 2020, Forbes estimated his assets to be $2.1 billion, in comparison to the $3.1 billion that was estimated in October 2019 as well as the $4.5 billion in September 2015.

Specifically, Forbes said Donald Trump’s prime retail real estate that is near the Fifth Avenue in Manhattan which is about 125,000 square feet, was taking a hit. Also, it marked down the value of his residential properties, actualizing that the stocks of publicly listed apartment owners had dropped by one-third. More to this, his luxury properties, golf courses, hospitality holdings, hotel licensing and management were also affected.

Forbes Estimation on Trump’s Residential Properties

In addition to his commercial holdings, it was recorded that the president’s residential holdings is greater than 500 across the country of United States. The lockdown happened so speedily such that there is still not much information on home sales, thereby making it difficult to ascertain the worth of anything. Even as the Stock prices of five apartment owners had dropped by more than one-third, on an average, dated from March 1, 2020, to March 18, 2020.

Forbes Estimation on Trump’sGolf Courses

The effect on Trump’s golf course portfolio depends primarily on the length of time coronavirus holds the economy down. The good news, for golf investors, is that it’s easy to practice social distancing on the links. And on the contrary, pricey clubs does not have the tendency to do well in recessions. Jeff Davis, the managing director of golf brokerage firm Fairway Advisors said that the golf budget is the first thing that gets cut out of diet. The worth of Trump’s business is said to be around $271 million or thereabout which at the beginning of March, has decreased by an estimated 20%.

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Forbes Estimation on Trump’sHospital Holding.

The situation is even more dreadful for Trump’s hospitality holdings. This is because it was recorded that the Trump Organization had been trying to sell his hotel in Washington, D.C., but those plans have been held back due to the pandemic. The president’s companies have shaken off more than 550 employees, according to the post by Washington.

Forbes Estimation on Trump’s Hotel Licensing and Management.

It was recorded that Deutsche Bank handed to Trump $170 million to remodel the Trump International Hotel and another $125 million for Trump National Doral in Miami, which yielded $9.7 million of 2018 profit. These was calculated as earnings aside interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization.

 Fortune’s Estimation

As at May 2016, Fortune magazine estimated Trump, that he was worth $3.9 billion, up from $3.7 billion in the year 2015. Fortune specified that the wealth stated in his personal financial disclosure to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), did not conform to the net worth of someone with $10 billion. However, the magazine accepted that the 2016 presidential campaign had contributed positively to Trump’s finances. Fortune said that; rather than his brand been damaged, Trump’s ill fame appears to be boosting his business and making to even become wealthier. From a critical calculation, Trump’s net worth has indeed grown over the 10 months since the last filing, said Fortune.

Bloomberg’s Estimation

The Bloomberg who happened to be a Billionaire businessman, and a publisher, and likewise a former mayor of New York City, estimated Trump to be worth $2.97 billion as at April 2020, a notch lower from the $3.02 billion it estimated at the start of his tenure as the president. While Trump has pitched the tent of the estimate of his worth to be $3.3 billion, Bloomberg did not place his attention to that very figure. He rather rated Trump’s brand at just $35 million.

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