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Adele’s new album positioned to be the great album of all time?

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“We’re all in the same boat, you’re doing stuff and then all of a sudden, the world stops. It’ll come when it’s ready. I can’t put a date on that yet. We have music, but we’re still working.”Adele

Adele Laurie is an English musician and songwriter. She started her singing career in 2006 after graduating from Brit school, and was contracted by XL Recordings. Her album debut was in 2008 after which did more other songs plus albums.

Adele has been quiet after her last album named 25 in 2015. Her fans must be excited to know what’s in store for them. What message should they expect? When exactly is the release date? This article updates about Adele’s new album release in 2020. Let’s have a look.

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The Release Date

A confidential source told The Sun newspaper about Adele’s fourth album release date. He said the artist began following up the last 2015’s album -25. The source added that Adele met senior musicians, and had plans to write her next album during the summer. He therefore informed that fans should expect it this Christmas season 2019.  However, it didn’t actualize.

Another source claimed to have spotted Adele in the UK. So, it said she intended to write from there. The source further said she approached a few studios asking to work with her, for she already had written some songs.

Earlier in the year, her manager confirmed that she’ll be releasing it before 2020 ends. In his interview with Music Week, Jonathan Dickins mentioned that the sooner it’s launched, the better.

The three sources with details about Adele’s next album release left the fans eagerly waiting for the truth. Fortunately, in February 2020, Adele assured that it’ll come out in September 2020. She broke the news by herself at a friend’s wedding party. She attended the party to perform besides being an executive member of the wedding committee.

Has Adele Gone Back to Studio Already?

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Evidently, the artist has penned a number of songs for the new album. Referring to an insider in June 2008 as mentioned above, she was seen in the UK and some music studios.

In April 2019, she announced that they had divorced with the husband, Simon Koneki. Could this be a reason enough to delay her plan for the upcoming album? Fine, she confirmed that they parted ways through an email. This happened after 3 years of marriage leaving her with their six-year old son, Angelo.

Days later, she gave a clue about her forthcoming album. This was after her 31st birthday’s message post on social media.

Flashing back on her 30th birthday’s post, she added that 30 strained her so much but she owned it, and tried her hardest to lean on it all. Furthermore, she said she was prepared to feel the world around her for once after a decade. Then she hinted that the fourth album-30 was on its way. She even joked calling the album a drum and bass record to spite them.

What’s The Album’s Name?

No one has confirmed this yet, including Adele herself. Though, she uttered that her previous album was the last to be titled her age, it was traced in her birthday message post. This is where she mentioned that 30 could be coming soon.

Her first three albums were named after her age at the writing time. For instance, 19, 21and 25’In January 2016, it came out in their talk with James Corden that her fourth album will be Simple-Adele. Additionally, she told Corden that she believed in trilogies. For this reason, she added that the fourth would simply be Adele.

What Was She Up to Since the Last Release?

The 2015 album called 25 was commercially successful. Adele sold more than 20 million copies which earned her pretty well. Since then, she has been away for quite long- almost five years. But, what was she doing?

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Adele said she would be on a break after her summer tour in 2017. Perhaps she needed the break after a long period of working on the last album. The artist also had a setback when she split from the husband. She was silent about her affair with him earlier, but announced it after winning the 2017 Grammys Award. Even the email marking their separation was not detailed as she wanted her privacy. Consequently, this heartbreak was linked to her delay in releasing the next album.

Will Motherhood Be the Subject of Her New Album?

From her marriage experiences, it was thought she’ll focus on heartaches in her new record. However, an insider told The Sun magazine that Adele stated she didn’t want Simon to suffer humiliation. Besides, they had a great relationship and are immensely proud of Angelo.

Another concern is if she vented anything against the husband, it’d only cause a rift yet they’ve tried being peaceful in their separation. It’s said the album will have a wide range of emotions, mainly reflecting her life and mothering. Meanwhile, some source said that Adele said she feels present following her split from the husband, and she’s ready to launch her new music.

The same source said that Adele admitted last year to have been hectic. Moreover, she said that writing a new song would be therapeutic. It’s clear that she might be ready to share with fans. Even though she’s busy, her life is better-developed than earlier. She commented that new music is a big thing for her, she feels great, happy and can’t wait to perform.

The Bottom Line

The songwriter and singer Adele knows her fans are still celebrating the album 25 for its stress-relieving messages. For this reason, fans wonder if it’s the reason to push the launch of the new album until September.

With evidence from various confidants, Adele’s forth album’s release date was leaked. Besides, she revealed it on stage while performing at a friend’s wedding about the same. Her messages on social media during her birthday also gave a hint about the soon coming album.

Adele has gone through marriage issues leading to separation. It’s thought to be the main cause of her silence for a long time. Guesses about the title of the new album made say it may dominate around her heartbreak. But, the singer established it’ll mainly touch motherhood.

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