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How to make Money online F-A-S-T Covid-19 Edition

Internet Money

In case you do not know much about what this aspect of cool life-hustle is all about, then let me break it down for you. Online businesses are companies, works, or money-sourcing that are substantially operated on the internet. At the same time, they help with making active income, giving you passive income (getting paid continuously by tons of clients or customers for an onetime item).

What is Good Money? - Nick Tomaino - Medium

Interesting right? 

However, are you tired of your multiple jobs? Are you looking for how to become your own boss? Do you want to work at your own comfort zone, be it anywhere at any time? Are you so hungry for freedom in your work? 

Look no further, have got your back. Helping you out with ways to money at your preferences, and putting a stop to hurrying to remote offices each working day is my main concern.

Freelance Writing- Proofreading

Freelance writing is almost the most straightforward way for you to start making money online. You don’t need much to start other than readiness to do researches online and have excellent writing skills with fast fingers. 

In freelance writing, you choose to specialize in specific areas you’re interested in, such as proofreading & editing, translation, content writing, creative writing, copywriting, article rewriting, and many others that you may learn more about.

In writing, proofreading and editing are very interesting to do. It’s quite easy for you need not do serious research about each work. This could be a perfect writing category for you, especially if you have a great spoken-English. You’ve got the great eyes to figure out each error in write-ups, make proper corrections, and refine the tune of a piece of work you’re given. 

To be factual, earning big as a beginner in writing is possible. Do you know that you can start earning up to $100 in just an hour with this business idea? Yes! You can, and there are several examples of persons who are already benefiting from such things you can find on Upwork, or

Amazon Private label

There are millions of customers patronizing Amazon, including you and me. Customers can be from anywhere in the world, meaning Amazon is a large market to thrive in, if you can get away to make it a place to sell your business idea.

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The simple way you can start making money on this platform is by making the sale of Private Label Products on Amazon.

What I mean by the private label products is simply those products or items that are gotten from other sets of sellers. In contrast, they get sold later by using another type of package entirely, likewise via an exceptional marketing strategy. 

Popularly, some sellers find it hard to sell out their products to customers who reside in distant places. In this case, you then buy their products or stocks and provide new packaging for them, which you can now sell to others.

Go on and get appealing designs for the products you have bought. Hire professionals to help you with logo, box style, and box designs.

Brand strategist

A brand strategist is a person who helps another party, be it a company or firm to monitor market research analysis, define the brand tone and elements of such, as well as prepare positioning recommendations.

Specifically, if you choose to work as a brand strategist, there are other aids you have to provide for your working party. You have to look for ways further to improve their products’ or services’ branding. You will even carry out market analysis on their behalf to develop a marketing plan for them.

You can earn a lot from this business idea because countless companies, etc. are looking for talented fellows who can strategize for them; they want their brand to soar high like or better than others.

Video Editing

Right from the corner of your room, you can be making good money with the knowledge of video editing.

If you are very good at making a video become better than it’s default content and give it significant effects, then you’re at the best end to making money online. 

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You can make as well as edit some videos and upload the videos to YouTube, and with that, you get to make some money. Another way is to look for freelancing websites like Fiverr, and you can do jobs for clients on videos. Finally, you can work for any company that needs an online video editor.

Online Coaching and Consulting

For all your expertise, maybe in the are of fitness, cooking, teaching people how to start-up businesses, and many others, you can start making money through them.

As you may need to know, there is no particular qualification required to start this type of online business. You’ll present yourself as a talented individual, and help people out there with providing solutions to their bothering or meet their quest for knowledge.

You, too, can start getting pulling cash into your bank account through being an online coach or a consultant. You can attract clients through social media, do email marketing, get from online communities, or create a website for yourself.

Create a digital product

you can make products that various clients will be ready to pay to get because many require digital items.

What are digital products? Digital products or goods are usually referred to as items that can be stored, delivered, and used correctly in an electronic form. Most of them are created using a computer system, while some through other means.

Some of the products you can start selling include e-books, graphics, fonts, images, artworks, music files, e-tickets, online ads, 

webinars, website templates, and many more.

App development

The market for app development is now bigger than ever before as the advancement in technology progresses. You can make money from both free apps and paid apps.

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With the assumption that you have some fundamental knowledge about coding. Knowing some digital languages like Unity, Xcode, etc. will help you to gain a stand in the app development online market.

Follow these steps to start making cold cash with your skills:

  • Register an account with online app stores.
  • Pick a particular product (app) that people will be much willing to make a payment for.
  • Build a payment wall for the app


You, too, can start earning at least $15 per hour working as a transcriber from home. This means that in a month, you can make up to $1500 by always working 4 hours for 25 days. Like this, you will have a good resting time and make much money without having to work under pressure in external offices.

If you can transcribe audios and videos effectively into written text, you can work with various companies in need of transcribers, and you can operate on freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and so on.

Digital Marketing

You only need a few skills to do well in this business, and investing in this sphere will be quite interesting to help you pull huge funds. 

There are many things to do here and start earning good cash. In digital marketing, you can choose to do one or many of these: affiliate marketing, social media marketing, network marketing, content marketing, YouTube marketing, blogging, and so on. You can check around to learn more about each of these means of marketing online.

You can easily use your Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other social media handle to sell yourself and any of your product. You can operate on some freelancing websites also to do some digital marketing jobs for clients globally.

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