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Net Worth

Tom Cruise’s Net Worth 2020 Updated

Tom Cruise is one of the most common Hollywood actors in America renowned for action-thriller movies in various films since the1980s, the 1990s, and 2000. He won many awards through his performance. Among the many movies he acted, Mission Impossible is the most successful.

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Net Worth: $650M
Name: Thomas Cruise
Age: 57 years
Date of Birth: July 3, 1962
Place of Birth: Syracuse, New York USA
Height: 5.5
Weight: 150 LB
Marital Status: Divorced
Wife/ Spouse Name: Katie Holmes, Nicole Kidman, Mimi Rogers
Children: Suri Cruise, Isabella Jane Cruise, Connor Cruise
Profession: Actor and Producer
Latest Update: May 2020

Introduction to Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is one of the most common Hollywood actors in America renowned for action-thriller movies in various films since the1980s, the 1990s, and 2000. He won many awards through his performance. Among the many movies he acted, Mission Impossible is the most successful.

Apart from watching him act in films, what else do you know about Tom Cruise? This article is meant to give more details about the popular American actor and film producer. Let us look at his early life, wife, life achievements, and net worth.

The Early Life of Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise - Wikipedia

Thomas Cruise, well-known as Tom Cruise, was born on July 3, 1962, in Syracuse, New York. His father’s name is Thomas Mapother III, and the mother is called Mary Lee Mapother. Tom had three sisters, namely, Cass Mapother, Lee Ann Mapother, and Marian Mapother. Tom also has a cousin called William Mapother, who is an actor and has both acted in five movies together.

Cruise was brought up in California and attended school at Robert Hopkins Public School before moving to Henry Munro Mid School in Ottawa in grade six. After that, he went to Glen Ridge, and St. Xavier High Schools later joined Johnson State College.

Tom had gotten married thrice. His first marriage with Mimi Rogers lasted three years from 1987-1990, the second was with Nicole Kidman from 1990-2001, and the third was with Katie from 2006-2012. The actor has two daughters and a son, namely, Suri Cruise, Isabella Cruise, and Connor Cruise. He closely relates to his children and can always be seen together in various moments.

There were speculations that Tom’s marriage with Nicole was a scam. Rumors said that it was mainly meant to cover his homosexuality. Come 1998, the Daily Express got sued for making the false accusation through rumors.

There are always critics of Tom Cruise’s faith and believe in Scientology. He even confirmed that his third marriage ended because Holmes wanted her daughter farther from the shadow of Scientology.


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Tom began his career at 19 with a movie called Endless Love. More other movies he acted include movies entitled, Vanilla Sky, Top Gun, Edge of Tomorrow, Ask the Dusk, Oblivion, Never Go Back, The Mummy, Jack Richer, Knight and Day, Rock of Edges, Eyes Wide Shut, Mission Impossible, Interview of Vampire, Born of the Fourth of July, War of Worlds, Valkyrie, and Narc.

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He won his first Golden Globe Award depicting Ron Kovic in the comedy titled Risky Business. Other movies that gained him success commercially are the horror film called Vampire in 1994, the drama film of A Few Good Men in 1992, the thriller movie in 1993 named The Firm, and Jerry Maguire in 1996 that earned him another Golden Globe, leading to his second Oscar nomination.

In 1999, he won a third Golden Globe for high performance as a motivational speaker in the drama called Magnolia. Consequently, he got nominated in the Academy Award as the Best Supporting Actor.

Awards and Achievements

Through his career, Tom Cruise was nominated in 80 wards and won a total of 29 of them. For instance, he was given awards such as TV Movie Awards- Mexico, three MTV Movie Awards, two People’s Choice Award, two National Board of Review, Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists, two Golden Raspberry Awards, two Chicago Film Critics Association, Florida Films Critics Circle, Rembrandt Award, and Satellite Award.

Tom Cruise’s Net Worth

Tom Cruise’s net worth as of May 2020 is estimated at the value of $650,000,000. Having been in the industry for over 20 years, he has thrown dozens of blockbuster hits that contributed to getting his million-dollar empire. The vast value net worth is from the many films he produced and took part in. For example, in 1993, he teamed up with Paula and launched Cruise/Wagner Productions, which has produced films worth three billion dollars globally. This company had exclusive deals with Paramount Productions for so long and dissolved in 2006. The root cause for this was Cruise’s controversial statements about anti-depressants and psychiatry, which had gone viral in the industry.

Tom is a director professionally. The Mission Impossible series produced by his company was very successful. To illustrate, the movie titled Mission Impossible II in 2000, and War of the Worlds of 2005 earned him $100,000,000 each. It is reported that he may have made roughly $300,000,000 in total for all the movie’s Mission Impossible films.

Tom also has assets that add up to his net worth, for example, a big mansion worth $35,000,000 in Beverly Hills, a $30,000,000 estate at Telluride, and a condominium at New York of $ 3,000,000. Besides, he gives $ 2,000,000 for his daughter’s (Suri) upkeep yearly. Again, he has a Bugatti Veyron-a car that’s considered the fastest in the world, worth $200,000, and two private jets. Additionally, he has other income sources such as endorsement of brands and magazines that earn him pretty well.

The Bottom Line

Tom Cruise is one of the most extraordinary celebrities on the planet. He has participated in over 20 films that ended up being successful blockbusters. He does not fear to be practical with his profession as an actor. His hard work and dedication to his career are what is behind the big figure of his net worth that’s approximated at $650,000,000.

He can be described as a go-getter because of taking part in all types of movies; romantic, comedy, thrillers, horror, and action. Furthermore, he has a vast number of followers who fan him. He is the most influential artist in the Hollywood industry. What an incredible celebrity!



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